Toward the Beloved  (2013)

​Finishing Line Press ISBN 978-1622294213​

"This startlingly original collection of poems of grief and longing, Toward the Beloved, exists within the long tradition of pastoral elegies and is at once deeply lyrical, spiritual, and ecstatic."

- Helen Marie Casey, poet and author of Inconsiderate Madness

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About Ellen

Ellen Jane Powers received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Lowell, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry from Goddard College in Vermont.

In her late teens, she played the pipe organ for services in a variety of dominations located on Cape Ann and the North Shore of Boston. These experiences, along with her explorations in various religions, have informed her work.

​She serves on the editorial board of the Maine-based literary journal Off the Coast, within which her book reviews also regularly appear.  Her book reviews have also appeared in the former spiritual journal Inspirit

As a Book Reviewer

Books & Other Publications

Ellen Jane Powers

Book reviews by Ellen have regularly appeared in Off the Coast since the Summer 2009 issue. That journal's reviews endeavor to "provide honest descriptions and criticism so readers can make informed decisions about the books."

Ellen also had book reviews in the former spiritual journal Inspirit. Ellen's approach for Inspirit was to consider a book's poetic technique and language to convey awe and contemplative questioning. Like a prayer-wheel, each book's poetry inspires readers to set the wheel "spinning".  The reviews attempt to spark for readers how each book might add to their own spiritual journeys.

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Celestial Navigation  (2013)

​Cherry Grove Collections ISBN 978-1625490353

"Contemplative, devotional, the poems of ​Celestial Navigation ​orient us toward the sacred, and enact the visionary with passion and clarity."

- Daniel Tobin, poet and author of Belated Heavens

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